PowerSchool Single Sign On instructions

The account you create on PowerSchool will use your students current ID and password to link them to your account to allow you to view all of your students through your one login. .
  1. Open PowerSchool in your browser, the address is: http://capitalchristian.powerschool.com
  2. Click Create Account



  1. 1.Enter your info in the boxes in the top section as shown. Note: your Password will be evaluated for security quality.This is new information you are creating not your old powerschool name and password.
  2. 2.On the bottom section, enter one or more of your student’s Names, Access ID Access Password and Relationship. The Access ID and Access Password for your student is the current or old information you have been using in the past to access their account. This is how powerschool links them to your account.
  3. The ID and Password ARE CASE SENSITIVE, meaning you must match upper and lowercase letters.
  4. Click Enter 



  1. Enter the Username and Password you entered on the above Create Parent Account window.
  2. Click Sign In.



  1. PowerSchool opens to the Grade and Attendance page
  2. Switch between your students by clicking on their names



  1. Setup Email requests, Email frequency, and add additional Email addresses



  1. To change your Name, Email, Username or Password



  1. To find your Password or Username. They will be emailed to your email account



To ADD additional students to your account you will need to login to PowerSchool and then select the "Students" tab and then enter their Access ID and Access Password.

PowerSchool: Parent Sign In

Create a Parent Account

A parent account allows you to view the information for one or more students with a single sign in. You can also manage your personal account preferences.

To create a parent account, enter the following information: